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Borough Administrator

Borough Administrator

wlbseal.jpg Victor Cantillo, CMFO
965 Broadway
West Long Branch, NJ 07764

The Borough Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Borough and serves under the direction of the Mayor and Borough Council.

Duties of the Borough Administrator include:
� Development and implementation of administrative and personnel procedures.
� Attendance at meetings of the Mayor and Borough Council.
� Responsibility for the operation of all departments and offices within the Borough.
� Recommendation and implementation of personnel policies of the Borough and its departments. The Borough Administrator serves as the personnel officer.
� Responsibility for the processing of Zoning Board and Planning Board applications and resolutions and coordination with the Board Secretaries on their agendas.
� Responsibility for assuring that the Borough and each of its departments are in compliance with all applicable state and federal employment and work place laws.
� Recommendation to the Chief Financial Officer regarding financial procedures and policies and assist with the preparation of the annual budget.
� Review and supervision of the Borough�s insurance program.
� Liaison to the schools within the Borough.
� Preparation and submission of grant applications.
� Overall supervision of the Department of Administration.